New Year, New Gut: Guideline of Gut and Liver Health in 2019


After all the sweet treats and rich food from the holidays, your digestive system and your liver likely could use some extra attention. The New Year is the perfect time to give them a fresh and clean start.


Digestive Support

It is now well accepted that Probiotics have a variety of health benefits.  They help the gut perform optimally, they assist in the digestion of food, and they promote absorption of nutrients.  Probiotics support intestinal health by balancing the levels of microorganisms in the intestines and boosting beneficial bacteria.

But the effects of probiotics extend far beyond the gastrointestinal tract.


The Liver Also Gets the Benefits

Did you know that the liver is the largest organ and probably the hardest working system inside your body? It performs more than 500 essential functions and controls the body’s ability to regulate and balance its internal environment.

Specifically, some of the liver’s major functions include:

  • clean and purify the blood

  • detoxify harmful materials and remove them from the bloodstream (for example, filtering out toxins from food, alcohol, and medications)

  • breakdown substances, including converting food into energy

If your liver is unhealthy, you may feel sluggish and fatigued as your liver works overtime to try to rid the body of toxins.  When you consider how much your liver does for you, it’s clear you need to give it some TLC.

Probiotics can provide additional support to promote liver health. Beneficial bacteria helps cleanse the system and reduce the liver’s workload. Studies suggest Probiotics can improve not only the health of the gut, but also support liver health, as well.

Probiotics do all this and more without any significant side effects.


Support Your Own Health

Our modern-day lifestyle and diet put many of us in a position where we need to provide the body with a little extra help to stay healthy. Giving your liver and digestive system a renewed start is especially important as we enter 2019.

Probiotics, along with a healthy diet, help replenish beneficial bacteria and restore healthy digestive and liver function that may have been forgotten during the holidays. The bottom line is that Probiotics can provide a boost in energy and a more comfortable tummy.

This New Year, use probiotic supplementation daily to help regain your energy and get back to overall good health as you jump into 2019.


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