Our Mission:

To offer superior, evidence-based, precisely targeted, and easy to consume Probiotics that you can trust to reclaim the vitality and wellness you deserve, all at a reasonable price.


Our Story:

Standing in front of a wall full of Probiotics, we stared at the endless choices, trying to decide on the best supplement for our own family.  Like most people, we were speechless and stunned by the endless choices and lack of clinical support.

Even more overwhelming were the size of the capsules and tablets that made these products a challenge to consume each day. We believe that keeping healthy just shouldn't be this difficult. So, when we couldn't find a solution for ourselves or our family, we decided to make the highest-quality, easy-to-consume Probiotic ourselves!

We started Biolever® to create an alternative to put optimum health in the hands of every person.

Just like you, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. We wouldn’t want anything less than the best for our families, and the same goes for yours.

We Proudly Focus on Four Essential Areas:


Evidence-Based Supplements

Each of our products is based on clinical research.  Our formulas contain the same ingredients, in the equal amounts, that have been proven effective in published studies.


Precisely Targeted Probiotics

There are hundreds of different Probiotic strains, and each of them acts differently in the body. Our formulas address specific health concerns with targeted and patented strains. This process assures that you receive the appropriate Probiotic strains that are safe and supported by published research.



When you take a supplement, you want the active ingredients to enter your body as quickly as possible. Many vitamin tablets on the market today have a hard time fully dissolving so that the body can use the nutrients.  

The quicker absorption (or bioavailability) of powders means it is easier for the body to ingest higher amounts of the active nutrients. In addition, powder supplements can be gentler on the stomach and digestive system.


Drinkable Probiotic Powder

With Biolever Probiotics, there is no need to swallow big tablets or capsules. Biolever offers a full line of balanced Probiotic blends in powder form to meet every need.

Our top-quality science-based formulations mix easily into cold beverages, smoothies, soft food, or can be consumed directly from the pack. They are ideal for people who cannot, or prefer not to, swallow tablets. Plus, Biolever Drinkable Probiotic Powder is kid-friendly.

Our convenient stick packets are a simple and comfortable way to take Probiotics with you wherever you go. These single-serving packets are ideal for people on-the-go; just toss them into your briefcase, suitcase, backpack or purse. Easy-to-open packets are perfect for a busy lifestyle or travel.

Best of all, powdered Probiotic supplements have a distinct advantage since they do not have to be refrigerated.


Here’s what else you can expect from Biolever®:



Natural Ingredients

At Biolever Probiotics, we are committed to creating exceptional products made with the highest-quality ingredients. We believe that the body absorbs and utilizes natural ingredients much more efficiently than synthetic ones. That’s why, whenever possible, we use natural ingredients.

Just as important as the ingredients that are in our products, are the ingredients that are not in our products:

  • No Chemical Excipients (inactive ingredients or fillers)

  • No Artificial Preservatives

  • No Gluten (Gluten-Free)

  • No GMOs 

  • No Artificial Colors, Flavors or Sweeteners


Viable (Live) Cell Count

All our products contain the optimum amount of “CFUs” (colony forming units). CFUs are the industry standard and the approved scientific method for counting live bacteria cells. Probiotic strains in Biolever Probiotics are acid and bile resistant so that the beneficial microorganisms can easily survive in the gut.


Quality and Purity

All of our supplements undergo rigorous testing that includes careful analysis of the raw materials used. Biolever Drinkable Probiotic products are carefully formulated and manufactured at cGMP compliant facilities in the USA. They are tested for quality, purity, and potency at FDA regulated laboratories to assure the highest standards are met.

Transparency and Accuracy

We believe the only way to do business is with honesty and transparency. It starts with our unparalleled team of experts, who have dedicated their careers to understanding the human microbiome.


Potency Guarantee

You can have confidence and trust in our company and our products. The potency and shelf life of every Biolever Probiotic you purchase is guaranteed until the expiration date.