5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Healthy This Summer with Probiotics


Summer is every kid’s favorite time of the year.  School is out, there are vacations to enjoy as well as outdoor playtime, trips to the beach, time at the amusement park, and more. It’s no wonder every child looks forward to this special time of the year.

But all that can change if a youngster experiences stomach and intestinal issues.

This summer, keep your child healthy and active with a daily regime of probiotic supplements. Here are five ways probiotics can support your kid’s health:


1.  Digestive Support

When children are out of school, there is naturally a change in their schedule, routine, and even their diet.  All this can disrupt their natural balance of good bacteria, which can lead to digestive issues. An upset stomach can put a damper on summer activities. There’s nothing more miserable than having a kid with a stomach bug.  Regular supplementation of a children’s probiotic formula can help supply the gut with the good bacteria that it needs to maintain digestive health.


2.  Better Sleep

Summer activities often interrupt kid’s normal sleep cycles.  They stay up later, naps are easily forgotten, and their pattern of slumber can become irregular. Keeping the gut healthy is essential for so many reasons, and a good night’s sleep is just one of them. 

There is a proven relationship between sleep and intestinal health. This summer, including a probiotic may help everyone have a peaceful night. Probiotics may even help with a baby's colic, allowing the entire family to get some sleep.


3.  Help When Traveling

Being away from home is sometimes tough on a child’s digestive tract as they indulge in new foods and sugary treats.  The result can be mild to severe digestive problems that wreak havoc during a family travel adventure. Keeping the proper balance of good bacteria will help maintain regularity and allow for a more enjoyable experience without intestinal discomfort.

Probiotics may be the ultimate traveling partner for kids, so be sure to pack this supplement before you hop in the car or board a plane. Pre-measured, powdered probiotic packets for your little ones makes for a simple solution to take probiotics on-the-go. They are simple to pack and require no refrigeration.


4.  Immune Support

The body’s first line of defense against germs is having a strong and healthy intestinal system. Help your kids stay healthy this summer with a daily dose of probiotics.

About 80% of the immune system lives in the gastrointestinal tract. As a result, good gut health helps nourish the body to strengthen resistance. Studies show that probiotics are a safe and effective method to help boost the immune system of children. Taking probiotics also benefits in the reduction and duration of any respiratory infections they may encounter during these active months.


5.  Supports Mood

No one likes a cranky kid (or adult). Research reveals that mood and behavior are linked to gut microbiome. As published studies indicate, probiotics can support improved disposition, as well as emotional and behavioral regulation in children. Having a kid with good temperament will make everyone’s summer just a bit easier.

This summer, keep things a little simpler by supporting your child’s health with a high-quality probiotic formulated for growing bodies and minds.


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