4 Ways to Stay Motivated and Achieve Your Fitness Resolutions

4 Ways to Stay Motivated and Achieve Your Fitness Resolutions

As the New Year begins, millions of people will make exercise and better health their primary resolutions.  In fact, over 165 million Americans commit to working out more often as part of their fresh start in the New Year.

Unfortunately, most will fall short of meeting their goals.

People fail to meet their fitness objectives for countless reasons.  They may stop because they get bored, they don't enjoy the process, or the results come too slowly.

You Can Do It!

To ensure your own success and to help achieve your fitness goals, try these four tips to stay motivated.


1. Set and Track Your Goals

Setting goals and writing them down will help motivate and inspire you while providing a tangible document of what you want to achieve.  By committing your exercise objectives to writing and putting them in a place where you see it daily will:

  • keep you on the right track

  • help you progress more quickly

  • help you track your progress

  • keep you motivated

  • drastically improve your chance of reaching your desired outcome


Use the “SMART” system. This is a goal-setting acronym that stands for making your resolution




Relevant, and



For example, instead of saying, “I will walk more every week,” a SMART goal would state, “I will walk 5 days every week for 30 minutes.”

You will want to start with simple goals and then progress to longer range goals.

  • a short-term goal might be to walk 10 minutes, five days a week

  • an intermediate goal might be to walk 30 minutes, five days a week

  • a long-term goal might be to complete a 5K walk


2. Make It Fun and Consistent

The trick to accomplishing your workout resolution is to find an activity that keeps you motivated. Research confirms that when people were having fun, they were much more likely to stick with their exercise regimen.

There’s an exercise for everyone out there! Be social and join a volleyball or softball league. Martial arts and dancing classes are great indoor activities. If you prefer to be outdoors, you can skate, bike, hike, or swim. Just walking your dog a little further than you have done in the past will help you meet your fitness milestones.


3. Enlist the Support of a Buddy

One of the best ways to ensure success is to find a workout buddy. It's a lot harder to let a friend down than it is yourself. They will keep you accountable for showing up to every workout. A training partner can push you to work harder and help you stay focused on your ultimate goal. Together you can motivate each other to get into shape and remind you that you are not in this alone.

4. Supplement Your Chance of Success

Too often, people abandon their fitness goals because they feel fatigued and just plain tired when they begin their new year routine.  Try adding Probiotics to help reduce the duration of exhaustion after intense exercise and improve your energy levels.

As an added bonus, scientists discovered that using a Probiotic may help minimize muscle inflammation, and therefore, improve the ability to perform in your next workout.

And if your resolution includes running outside in hot weather, increasing Probiotics in your diet promotes the ability to train in the heat.


The Ultimate Resolution

Health experts agree that if you want to choose one thing you can do to enhance your health, it is probably daily exercise.

Keep it simple with powdered Probiotic supplements that can easily be added to your water bottle or consumed on-the-go. Available in pre-measured, single-serving packets, powdered Probiotics are an effortless way to add this beneficial supplement to your daily lifestyle.

Including Probiotics to your everyday program can help boost your ability to achieve your fitness goals.


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