5 Top Thanksgiving Gifts for Health-Conscious Families


Thanksgiving is all about appreciating family, friends, and life. This year, show your gratitude and give thanks with gifts that let your loved ones know you truly care. These items may not be at the top of your holiday list, but they are ideal for every generation and offer long-term benefits for optimum wellness.

1.  Electric Toothbrush

To take care of your oral health, there’s nothing better for your entire family than an electric toothbrush.  It may sound like a ridiculous gift, but you will certainly be giving thanks when visiting your dentist. It is simply the easiest way to take care of your teeth. Electric toothbrushes provide superior plaque removal, more cleaning power, and support gum health.  They’re great for young family members, too, since many models have built-in timers to remind them to brush for a recommended period of time.

2.  Scan Thermometer

Let’s face it. Everyone gets sick from time to time.  And the last thing you want to do when someone falls ill is run out and purchase a thermometer.  That’s why the holiday season with it’s cold and flu germs floating everywhere means you’ll need to have a thermometer at hand. 

Taking a temperature has never been easier with the latest non-invasive home products that take a reading with a gentle scan on the forehead, even on a sleeping child. They offer accuracy, reliability, and peace-of-mind when you need it most. You’ll be forever thankful to have such a simple and convenient device available.

3.  Blood Pressure Monitoring

An estimated one in three Americans suffers from high blood pressure. Referred to as the “silent killer,” It can cause damage to your body before symptoms appear. Fortunately, it’s easy to keep tabs on your blood pressure by purchasing a monitor to use at home. You’ll want to select a model that is easy-to-use, easy-to-read, and reliable. There are dozens of options available, so do your research and check with your healthcare professional before you buy.

4.  Juice It

A more fun gift is the always popular juicer.  The newest designs allow you and your family to create nutritious concoctions ranging from green drinks to smoothies and protein shakes.  This appliance will quickly become a favorite of every age group.

Juicers and blenders offer a fantastic method to get kids to “eat” their vegetables and a quick way for everyone to get more fiber in their daily diet.  Science confirms that gut microbiota is an important contributor to overall health and vegetable and fruit juices may induce a prebiotic-like effect. Plus, it’s a fun way to get the entire family involved in trying recipes with new foods.

5.  Probiotic Supplements

It may be an unlikely gift, but giving probiotic supplements during the holidays will help your loved ones jumpstart their gut health and enjoy better digestion throughout the season. After all, including probiotics as part of a daily routine promotes balanced intestinal flora, boosts levels of friendly bacteria, and supports the body’s natural immune system.

The holidays are full of rich foods and sugary treats, not to mention questionable leftovers. Taking a high-quality probiotic supplement will provide gastrointestinal health during all celebrations of the season. As an added benefit, probiotics may also help reduce the unwelcome symptoms of anxiety and depression, which are common during the holidays.

When you give the gift of probiotics and supplements, it lets others know their wellness is a priority and provides them with a healthy way to start the New Year.

Remind your family and friends that a healthy lifestyle all year long is the best way to give thanks this holiday season.


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