Probiotics for Healthy Traveling

Probiotics for Healthy Traveling

It’s that time year where we all go “over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house.”   If you are traveling to celebrate the holidays with family and friends, you are not alone. Last year over 100 million Americans jumped on planes, trains, automobiles, and other modes of transportation during this popular holiday period.

Your Health When Traveling

Travel can be stressful on the body, especially when the festivities center around food. Being on a trip, even just overnight, can introduce foreign microbes to the digestive tract. The result is often mild to severe digestive problems that can wreak havoc during these happy holiday celebrations.

When we are away from home, often our schedules are disrupted. We do not have control over what’s being served for meals, we indulge in rich food, and drink more alcohol than usual.  Then we suffer the consequences of irregularity and uncomfortable digestive issues.

But there is a simple way to help reduce the chance of these stomach concerns. Research has found that an estimated 80 percent of gastrointestinal illnesses are caused by a bacterial infection and can often be avoided with proper supplements.


Pack Your Probiotics

The body is naturally a host to strains of “good” bacteria that live in your intestines. When the gastrointestinal tract becomes home to more bad bacteria than good, illnesses like traveler’s diarrhea, stomach pain, nausea, and constipation may occur.

Probiotics help to increase your gut with healthy bacteria. As a result, when your body encounters foreign bacteria during your travels, it is prepared and can fight off the nasty intruders.

Consuming probiotics will help restore the good bacteria in your gut, keeping your digestive system regular and allowing for a more enjoyable travel experience without bloating or intestinal discomfort.


An Extra Advantage

Probiotics have the added benefit of being able to boost your immune system. When you’re on the road, your body will likely be exposed to unfamiliar germs and viruses. This can compromise the body’s natural defenses, increasing the risk of getting sick on your trip.

The good news is that research demonstrates that probiotics help ward off and fight colds, as well as defend against viral infections.

A Final Word

Traveling with probiotics can help keep your digestive and immune systems healthy while you’re away from the comfort of your own home.

If you have trouble swallowing even small capsules, you can choose a probiotic in powder form. Powdered probiotics are easy to pack, easy-to-use, and work great for children. Plus, you won’t have to worry about refrigeration while you are on your holiday adventures.  

Whenever and wherever you go, probiotics are your best travel companion!


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