3 Ways to Inspire Your Kids


A parent’s influence in a child’s life should not be underestimated. A Mom and Dad are the central and most essential people in the life of their children.

Parents are teachers and role models, and the primary source of love. Parents inspire children to think big and become successful in their lives.

Here are three simple ways to inspire children as they grow-up, mature, and develop into young adults.


1. Unconditional Support

The goal as a parent is to help a child feel competent, confident, and to live life without fears.  This allows them to develop a strong sense of passion and purpose. Providing encouragement and a support system at home allows a child to feel inspired to accomplish their goals and dreams.

Every child has unique gifts and talents. It is vital that parents always let their child know that they are proud of them. Praise and recognition are powerful tools that benefit every child.  This will promote self-esteem and help them reach their full potential.

However, parents must also set boundaries with their young ones.

Teaching them to be committed and not to give up or take the easy way out is important. Help them realize that quitting in the middle of something is not okay. Once they pledge to do something, they must follow through with it. Commitment is a valuable trait and it will certainly play a central role in their success throughout their lives.


2. Celebrating Work-Life Balance

Commitment can be learned when children observe their parents at their jobs.

National Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day is an annual event that is recognized on the fourth Thursday in April each year.  This special day occurs when children accompany their parents to their place of employment.

This yearly occasion provides a way for parents to inspire their children by showing them the value of hard work and earning a living. First-hand experience serves as a way to understand the responsibilities of a full-time job. It’s the ideal opportunity for them to get a taste of a real-life work environment.

Taking a son and/or daughter to work is truly an educational experience that can bring parents and children closer together.  Allowing a child to see their Mom or Dad outside the role of a parent will provide them with a new perspective about the other side of your day. 

By giving kids a glimpse into your profession, they begin to appreciate how important it is to communicate with others, how to work as a team, and other characteristics of what they will need to succeed. 


3. Practice Good Health

Nothing is as important as your child’s health.  As a parent, modeling healthy behaviors for children will inspire them to form good habits from an early age.

For example,

  • Dental Care: As soon as your baby's first teeth appear, it's time to start using a specially sized toothbrush for small children whose teeth are still developing. Understanding the importance of oral care while they are very young will benefit them throughout their lives.

  • Healthy Eating: A child’s nutrition often mirrors their parents.  Moms (and Dads) who take their kids with them to the grocery store can help in the planning of healthy meals. Inspire your child by making wise food selections and teaching them why some foods are better choices than others.

  • Overall Wellness: Taking a Probiotic together every day will help support both your and your child’s digestive tract. Probiotic supplements are a great source of beneficial bacteria that help kids maintain a healthy intestinal system, support their immune system, and reduce the duration of any illness with diarrhea. Probiotics can also be useful when children are taking antibiotics. Always check the label to assure that the level of active Probiotics is formulated specifically for children in order to achieve optimal results.

Your children will be young only once. Make them a priority and try every day to inspire them to be their best self.


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