3 Urgent Reasons Women Need Probiotics

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Most people believe that probiotics are targeted only to help with digestive issues. But that couldn't be further from the truth. Supplementing with the proper probiotics can have a beneficial impact on the whole body, especially for women. 

1. Support a Healthy Urinary Tract

If you're one of the 40-60% of women who experience urinary tract infections, (UTI), you may benefit from a regiment of probiotics. Probiotics are "friendly bacteria" that occur naturally in the body and have a multitude of ways to help maintain health.

Probiotics can help reduce the frequency as well as the unwelcome symptoms that UTIs produce, such as the intense urge to urinate. Probiotics also have the advantage of preventing recurring UTIs in women, plus they have an excellent safety history.

2. Bloating

Bloating is a common complaint for many women. It primarily occurs when the belly feels swollen after eating. Gas produced by the bacteria in the intestine is a major contributor to bloating.

Several clinical studies have shown that probiotics can lead to bloating relief. Probiotic supplements can help reduce gas production in people with digestive problems such as irritable bowel syndrome.

If you often feel bloated, probiotics can help restore your gut flora balance and control that awful sensation of feeling “overstuffed.” They will also help improve the bacterial environment in the gut, which can help reduce symptoms of gas and bloating.

With long-term use, probiotics help to restore the balance of “friendly” bacteria. Healthy gut flora may help to prevent bloating, especially if you combine your probiotics with a healthy diet.

3. Support Vaginal Health

Healthy vaginal flora can get thrown out of balance by a number of factors, including antibiotics, spermicides, and birth control pills. Probiotics can ward off vaginal yeast infections (candida) by promoting balanced and healthy vaginal flora.

If you have experienced this type of infection, you know how uncomfortable the itching, swelling, and burning can be. Keeping your microbiome balanced with the right bacteria will help to reduce the chance of yeast infections, lessen the severity of the symptoms, and reduce the possibility of the infection returning.

Taking the Next Step

Probiotics are secret weapons for maintaining vaginal, urinary, and general gut health. But the quality and effectiveness among all the different options on the market may differ. For best results, choose a probiotic that is produced using clinical science and offers evidence-based, precisely targeted, and easy to consume formulas.


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