The Connection Between Probiotics and Kids' Health

connection between probiotics and kids health

If you are looking for probiotic products for your kids, this is the right place to be.

Do you know your baby is born with a unique set of gut flora? The most important thing is that their own gut flora, whether friendly or unfriendly, is primarily determined by mom’s microflora. This means that a fetus gets his or her personal microbiome from mother during gestation, delivery, and through breastfeeding. 


Probiotics can help moms to pass friendly gut flora to their babies. Also, some probiotic products on the market have a unique formula designed for children.


However, you may still concern about whether your little one would like taking probiotics and how probiotics can support kids' digestive health.

Don't worry! I highly recommend you to try powder probiotics - an excellent way to mix with kids food. For my own experience, flavorless probiotics are more convenient because it can blend with any children's favorite food and drinks. 

The current issue is that many probiotics for kids on the market are available in chewable gummies and flavored liquids. However, human's stomach acidity is so fierce that these types of probiotics can't eventually help probiotic strains reach the destination. 


Microencapsulation -  A technology to protect children’s digestion system


Microencapsulation technology is developed to solve this problem. The good bacteria can safely reach their target destination in the intestines and then interact with the immune system to help your little one support healthy immune defenses. So it is crucial to check if the probiotic product has the right strains and beneficial for your children before you purchase it.


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